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Learning is essential to advance in your career, but there are better options than returning to school for most people. It can take a significant amount of time and money, and if you are unsure of the potential advantages of returning to school, it might be wise to hold off. Although it’s unnecessary to return to school, you should still find other ways to improve your skills and knowledge. Doing so will allow you to advance your career and avoid being stuck in the past. You can take advantage of many opportunities in your everyday life to learn new things.


Connect with Colleagues

According to a study, one-third of what people say is used to relay personal information about themselves. This means that even if you have never met a team member, chances are that they will be open to discussing your work. Also, they may notice someone taking the time to learn more about the organization.


Stretch Your Job Description

If you cannot find new opportunities within your current company, you might be stuck in a rut. This is why you must start asking for work outside of your regular duties. One of the best solutions to a problem is thinking outside the box. This allows you to develop new ideas and find solutions not typically considered by others. Doing this will enable you to help the entire organization and improve your skills. Working on a different team is one of the most popular ways to get a new job.


Find Local Professional Events

Plenty of events are designed to help industry professionals expand their skills and connect with others looking to improve theirs. Most cities have regular networking events and open classes geared toward industry professionals. You can also find events happening in your area through social media platforms such as Twitter and Eventbrite.


Although some of these events may not be free, you can still start by connecting with others through the free ones. After that, you can ask people you know who have been to the conferences you’ve been eyeing to see if it is worth the money.


Explore Online Courses

If you cannot afford to spend much on a full-time program, online classes can be a great way to keep up with what’s happening worldwide. There are a variety of platforms that allow people to take classes, such as MIT Open Courseware, Codecademy, and more. Although some online courses are free, they may charge a fee for specific assignments or certificates.


Try New Things Outside of Work

An easy project you can do on your own can help you improve a skill you usually don’t practice or discover a new interest. If you cannot find an organization to help you, try creating something for yourself.