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We all have skills we take pride in, whether as an expert in technology or passionate poet. Whether we’re sharing our talents for personal enjoyment or to develop our interests further, doing so allows us to expand our scope of knowledge and improve our skills.


Do a Swap

A skills swap is a way to share one’s talents in exchange for support. For instance, ask a friend to help update your CV or show them how to grow herbs. In return, they could gain access to your expertise in a different field. A skill swap group can be found in various communities across the country. For instance, if you help a friend with their bookkeeping, you could get an hour’s credit that you can use to get help with something else.


Connect with a Group

Local groups typically provide one-to-one feedback and encouragement, and they can be very helpful in helping one develop their skills. If you’re a passionate crocheter, why not invite your friends to try doing a project together? You could also organize a swap group where each participant would share their unique skill.


Share Online

When we’re looking for information about a new topic, most of our searches come from Google. If you’re an avid writer, you should establish a blog or website where you can share guidance on improving your writing skills. If films are more your style, you should create a video blog. Social media is another excellent way to connect and share your interests. Instagram could be used to document the process of painting. Share your knowledge with others and expand your scope of expertise. It can also be beneficial to connect with people who share similar interests. 



Volunteers are often sought by charities who need help teaching their clients a new skill or supporting their current work. For instance, a mental health organization may need assistance with an art session, while a refugee support group may want to use your cooking skills. You can find these opportunities through websites or by contacting the organization directly. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and build a more robust professional network.


Consider Teaching

Teaching can be a great way to share your expertise and earn a living. You can find organizations looking for people who are passionate about their work by searching online. Getting a qualification can help you develop your teaching skills and make it easier to find opportunities. Whether working at a community hub or in a classroom, teaching can be a satisfying way to share knowledge and help others.