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Getting too little done and not being able to see yourself getting anything done can lead to a lack of happiness. Learning how to be productive will help you get more done. Various factors can contribute to unproductiveness. Some of these include notifications sent by social media, texts, e-mails, and chatty co-workers. These little things can quickly overwhelm your productivity and happiness levels. Here are some easy ways to help you boost your productivity during the workday.


Know Where You Lose Time

Most of us have time thieves, though we haven’t identified them yet. Some of us use our phones to check apps instead of working. Others are more likely to spend more time taking breaks. Identifying your time thieves and the other factors that can keep you from achieving your goals can help you improve your performance.


Plan Out Your Day

Planning is one of the most critical factors that can increase productivity. Having a plan helps you set goals and allocate time for essential tasks. The correct information and timeframe will help you complete your daily tasks and improve your overall productivity.


Take Care of Yourself

Make sure that you get enough sleep. Having a plan will help you know how many hours of sleep you need, and stretching and walking can help you recharge. People who adopt a polyphasic sleep schedule have reportedly experienced various benefits, such as better memory and learning and increased productivity.


Get Up Earlier

One of the most underrated methods to boost happiness and productivity is waking up at 5 am daily. This is because most people do not wake up that early, freeing them from distractions that can interrupt their plans. A productive individual will most likely use this time to get a head start, exercise, or even meditation.


Celebrate Progress

When you finish a task, your brain releases a chemical known as dopamine, which motivates you to keep moving forward. This happy chemical gives you a boost without any adverse side effects. A small reward, like a five-minute break or a favorite snack, at the end of a task can help motivate you to keep working.