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Public service is a broad field that can include various roles, such as education administration, grant administration, and city planning. You can also advance in your career by earning an advanced degree and continuing to impact your local community positively. This is common advice from professionals in the field on how to build your career in public service.


Study Public Administration

A master’s degree in public administration can help individuals with public service backgrounds become leaders. You’ll learn about various topics such as financial management, digital governance, and political ethics, and you’ll have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills through projects and targeted classes.


Learn and Teach

Getting in touch with mentors can help you develop new skills and expand your career opportunities. Both professionals noted that being a mentor is very important in growing a career in public service. You can also help others by joining an organization’s alum group or contributing to an entry-level position.


Work on Soft Skills

Although your work experience and education may lead to a job, your soft skills can also help you advance in the field. These include being a team player, communicating effectively, and being willing to learn. Many people develop soft skills throughout their careers through feedback from their managers and peers. These skills can be used to improve their abilities to lead teams, take the initiative, and adapt to changes.


Build Your Reputation

A strong reputation within the public service sector can lead to new opportunities, job promotions, and a long and fulfilling career. You shouldn’t target managers and leaders, as your colleagues might lead teams or work in different organizational roles.


Your colleagues are more likely to associate favorably with you if they see you as a professional who can deliver effective and efficient work. Conducting a professional career is also important to build a positive reputation.


Invest in Community

You should look for organizations, events, committees, and associations related to public service. You’ll meet individuals who may be interested in hiring you and other professionals with the experience you can learn from. You should also regularly network with other individuals in the field to develop new skills.